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History of The Jones Law Firm

Troy NY Law Firm of E. Stewart Jones

The “Cannon Building” in historic downtown Troy is home to the firm’s original office in 1898

The E. Stewart Jones Law Firm is proud to have offered more than 110 years of dedicated service to the people of New York State.

The firm was founded in 1898 by Abbott H. Jones, son of an American father and a Chilean mother who had met and married in Valpariso, Chile. Born into humble circumstances, Abbott never went to college or law school, but studied the law on his own as a clerk in a law office and ultimately gained admission to the Bar.

Abbott Jones - 1877-1939

Abbott Jones – 1877-1939

Thereafter, Abbott developed an extensive private practice, went on to serve as City Court Judge in Troy and was ultimately elected to the position of Rensselaer County District Attorney. Abbott passed away in 1939, by which time his son, E. Stewart Jones, Sr., had joined him in the practice.

While Abbott Jones’ career brought him great stature in the Capital Region, it was the courtroom skill, creativity and courage of his son, E. Stewart Jones, Sr. which gained the firm statewide and national recognition for its outstanding results.

E. Stewart Jones, Sr. was ably complemented by the brilliant and witty Arthur L. Rosen.  As Mr. Jones once said: “He (Mr. Rosen) made the bullets, and I shot them.”
E. Stewart Jones Attorney Arthur Rosen

Attorney Arthur L. Rosen

Suggesting that genes are not irrelevant to inter-generational success, the legendary career of E. Stewart Jones, Sr. has in a very different era been matched by his son, E. Stewart Jones, Jr., whose own passion, intelligence and ability in the courtroom have allowed him to continue the firm’s history of obtaining exceptional results for its clients.

E. Stewart Jones, Jr. began practicing with the firm in 1966 and was joined by his younger brother, Farley, in 1982.

E. Stewart Jones, Sr.

E. Stewart Jones, Sr.           1912-2001

The tradition established through three generations of Joneses is now also being carried on with vigor and competence by a new generation of experienced attorneys who are welcome additions to the family circle, and carriers in their own right of a history of outstanding service to the people of the Capital Region and the State of New York.

We invite you to visit our historic brownstone office building in historic downtown Troy for a step back in time.  We will gladly offer you a cup of coffee and give you a brief tour of our main office area.

The team at E. Stewart Jones is proud of the firm’s distinguished tradition and the impressive ability to carry forward the values, integrity and excellence that Abbott Jones instilled more than 100 years ago. Learn more about our attorneys.